Pool Heater Service

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Pool Heater Service is something all pool owners will need at one time or another for the life of their pool.  There are a few different reasons why your pool heater may not be heating your pool anymore.  Sometimes pool heaters are smart enough to tell you why or lead you down a path to expose the culprit.

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-When your pool heater says Service heater this usually means the culprit has to do with the heater itself or one of the components inside of the heater.  You could have a plugged or leaking tube sheet, a bad sensor, gas valve or PWA.  Insufficient gas supply to the heater could also cause the Service heater light to come on.  Open the cabinet of the heater and inspect the tube sheet for leaks, obstructions and or sooting.  Check inside the cabinet for any rodent damage as the inside of the cabinet is a favorite spot for rodents to setup their nests.  Always check the inside of the cabinet before turning on the heater for the first time of the season.

Service system

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-When your pool heater says Service system this usually means it has something to do with the pool equipment itself ie a plugged pool filter that needs rinsing or backwashing, a plugged skimmer or lint basket that requires cleaning, low water level in the pool that needs to be raised.  These are all fairly simple things that a homeowner can check and rectify on their own.

Heater service

If you find that your pool heater is stumping you and you need to call in an SOS give us a call and we’ll give you the best advice first time.  We have the tools and expertise to test all sensors and we even have cameras that can fit into those tough to view areas of a heater to give you a snapshot of the condition of your appliance so you know what it has been through and how much life it may have left to heat your pool.  Heck if you simply have us open your pool we usually will be able to diagnose if there are any potential issues on the horizon for your pool heater.  The labour code is strict in our region so if you do require an estimate on a new appliance we can help you with that as well as we have many years experience working with the utilities and DOL to make sure your new installation will make code and not be red flagged.




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