Pool Filtration

The importance of your pool filter is often under-acknowledged. Without proper circulation you would not be able to move your water to the filter. But without your pool filter you would not have a clear, safe and inviting swimming pool in Winnipeg.

The number one question I get is HOW, as a home owner, can I get the most from my pool filter.  Here are a few tech tips:

  • Vacuum your pool on waste/drain when you are dealing with a large amount of debris or a pool water quality issue.  If you ever see debris returning to the pool when vacuuming, have your filter tested for proper operation…it may be time for replacement of the filter or the media.
  • Rinse/Backwash your pool filter when your pressure reaches 8-10 Lbs. above normal – but not before that!  As your filter loads with dirt, it gives finer filtration.
  • Chemically clean your pool filter at least once per season or after a pool problem (like algae or metals removal).  The two best cleaners for sand and cartridge filters are:  Filter Brite ( and Filter Cleanse (
  • Maintain proper water chemistry in your swimming pool. When good water chemistry is not achieved you are slowly degrading your pool filter and all your other equipment.
  • Be sure you have the proper size pool pump on your pool to aid in good filtration. Always remember; good circulation and filtration will help achieve great water chemistry.
  • Have you heard of the System III pool filter? It will filter as low as 10-15 microns in size and will hold up to 50 times more dirt than a sand filter. You can find some more information here:

Remember, your pool filter is one of the most important components on your swimming pool. Make the right decision when it is time to replace your filter. If you have any questions, just ask us at Aqua-Tech Support.


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