Patio Furniture and Outdoor Living 2019

Patio Furniture and Outdoor Living 2019

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When planning to make an investment in outdoor living products you will see a huge range in pricing. At first glance it might look similar. Manufacturers are pretty clever in figuring out ways to cut costs….make sure you know what you’re buying.

Here are the top 10 tips to be a good consumer and realize the differences:

1. Lift the table, chair or fire pit table. If you can sense it will blow away in the wind,  you’re right! Thicker aluminum and wicker lasts longer because it’s sturdier but of course costs more to make.

2. Is the frame aluminum or painted steel. Remember this product will be in the rain and aluminum will not rust. Expect some unsightly rust stains on your deck if you decide you want to spend less and end up with steel frames. Also, even if it is aluminum refer back to the first tip as there are various thicknesses. Even the purity of the aluminum varies as the top manufacturers actually have their own foundries to control quality. Cheaper aluminum uses fillers that are not pure aluminum.

3. Wicker made for outdoor furniture is a recipe of plastics and additives. Look for thickness, UV stabilizers and cold crack tolerances.

4. Cushions and foam can be very water proof or not so much and then will need to be replaced often. We own a Winston double lounger that is 11 years old and has been left in the rain every summer. I do take it in for the winter but to this day it looks great!

5. Design: Outdoor furniture is such a focal point of your backyard. The best manufacturers have some talented designers on staff that practically are producing works of art for your backyard!

6. Comfort: Sit in the furniture. This is why a showroom is important so you can try the furniture to be sure it fits your body.

7. Firepit tables are becoming a standard feature in personal backyard resorts. Be sure the burners are stainless or you’ve just cut the life of the product by 75%.

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Composite wood furniture is a great alternative if you want low/no maintenance and a long life product.

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Winter covers: Purchase these if your furniture will be outside for the winter or if it will sit under trees (with sap) over the summer. Service!: Deal with a pro where you don’t have to call an 800# to get answers and if you need parts or cushions then they are available.


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