How about a new SMART Sundance Spa?

How about a new SMART Sundance Spa?

Your houses are smart, your tv’s are smart, even some cars are smart. Why not your new Sundance Spa. They say that by the year 2020 there will be over 50 billion connected devices globally. Your new Sundance spa can be one of them now. Exclusive to Sundance Spa’s is the next generation hot tub, a smart hot tub.

smart tub pic b

Sundance can give you the best ownership experience with your new spa. Easy setup, over the air updates, system learns based on your usage, remote monitoring, reminders, energy cost estimator, power outage notifications, and even a “click for service” to connect to your dealer.

smart tub winter pic c

Contact Aqua-Tech today to discuss your next generation Sundance Spa with the exclusive smart system.


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