Mineraluxe Swim Spa System!

What?  You have a pool that is a spa and a spa that is a pool?  A magical pool and spa combo that is both too small in volume to treat like a pool but too large to be a hot tub….you have a swim spa and you have a great way to relax, recharge and to get fit!  However, tradition pool and hot tub care systems don’t work…..Mineraluxe Swim Spa to the rescue!
The Mineraluxe Swim Spa brand is very special in that it was created, formulated and PERFECTED for the unique temperature, size and usage that you have.  It really is a one a week advanced mineral treatment for swim spas to use as little synthetics chemical as possible but still keep your water in tip-top condition!  Healthy water that is deep cleansed with minerals and oxygen!


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Helpful Tips:

Prior to Using Mineraluxe swim spa Cube for the First Time:

  • Clean the Swim Spa Surfaces. Wipe down the accessible surfaces of the tub as well as the underside of the cover. Always use a surface cleaner that is designed for Swim Spa water and surfaces. Dazzle Tub Cleanse or Pool & Patio Cleanse are excellent for this use.
  • Deep Cleanse the Filter Cartridge. Use Mineraluxe Filter Revive or Dazzle Filter Cleanse to thoroughly cleanse the cartridge. Soak the cartridge in a solution of product and hot water for best results. Follow label directions.
  • Another treatment should be done 3 – 5 days following initial conversion to the Mineraluxe Swim Spa Cube.
  • Properly balance the Swim Spa water before applying Mineraluxe Swim Spa Cube. Specifically, balance Total Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness to desired levels. Rely on your Mineraluxe or Dazzle retailer for professional water testing and expert advice. When Using Mineraluxe swim spa Cube:
  • Maintain proper water balance by testing and adjusting pH regularly. Use a reliable testing method that you have confidence in. Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness should be tested monthly. Consult your Mineraluxe or Dazzle retailer for advice.
  • Good maintenance of your filter cartridge is important. Keep your filter cartridge filtering properly by rinsing once per week with a garden hose or under a tap. Once a month, clean your cartridge thoroughly with Mineraluxe Filter Revive or Dazzle Filter Cleanse as per label directions.


Important things to know…..

Due to the intense scale removing properties of the Mineraluxe Swim Spa Cube, you may see some sloughing of scale and particulate back into your water within the first few days of use. Should this happen, continue to operate your Swim Spa normally, rinsing the filter cartridge daily. If the water loses clarity, it will clear after a short period of time (1 – 3 days). Test your pH and sanitizer levels daily during this time and adjust if not within the recommended ranges.


How to get started with Mineraluxe swim spa

  • With each fresh fill or when converting your Swim Spa to Mineraluxe for the first time: Apply 2 Mineraluxe Swim Spa Cubes for volumes up to 15,000 litres of water.
  • On a weekly maintenance basis thereafter: Apply 1 Mineraluxe Swim Spa Cube.
  • Always apply directly into the skimmer basket or filter compartment with the pump operating.
  • For volumes greater than 15,000 litres, add 1 additional Mineraluxe Swim Spa Cube for every additional 7,500 litres.
  • For smaller volume Swim Spas (<7,000 litres) or Swim Spas that are used infrequently, the dosage may need to be modified to one Mineraluxe Swim Spa Cube every 2 weeks. Step 2: Shock weekly with Mineraluxe Oxygen.* • Immediately after the addition of the Mineraluxe Swim Spa Cube: Apply Mineraluxe Swim Spa Oxygen at the rate of 125 grams per 10,000 litres.
  • One level capful holds 50 g. Measure amount required and sprinkle over the surface of the water with the pump running.
  • If the water temperature is maintained at >30°C, increase dosage rate to approximately 250 grams per 10,000 litres.
  • Circulate water and leave the cover off for a minimum of 15 minutes. The Swim Spa can be used 15 minutes after addition. Step 3: Adjust Sanitizer.* • Use your Mineraluxe sanitizer as per the label directions. One of 4 different sanitizers are recommended for use in a Swim Spa: Mineraluxe Brominating Tablets*, Mineraluxe Brominating Granules*, Mineraluxe Chlorinating Tablets* or Mineraluxe Stabilized Chlorinating Granules*.
  • Test your chlorine or bromine level with a reliable test kit and adjust to level recommended on your sanitizer label.
  • Mineraluxe Brominating Tablets or Mineraluxe Chlorinating Tablets are best used when added to a floating dispenser or other flow control method and allowed to slowly dissolve, adding a controlled amount of sanitizer to the water.
  • Mineraluxe Brominating Granules or Mineraluxe Stabilized Chlorinating Granules are best used with a daily application, as per label directions.
  • When sanitizer is low: Mineraluxe Brominating Granules for bromine systems or Mineraluxe Stabilized Chlorinating Granules for chlorine systems are an excellent product to immediately re-establish the desired sanitizer level due to their fast dissolving characteristic.


Now, hop right in there and soak or do the backstroke to your heart’s content!



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