March 15th an important pool date in Winnipeg

People often wonder why all of a sudden after 10 years of having a backyard swimming pool does a pool liner develop wrinkles. March 15th has often a lot to do with it.

Ground Water

Each year around this time of year as the snow melts we see lots of water in the streets and our yards. Most of the water that is active though can’t be seen. This is the water that is traveling through the ground. With a swimming pool during the winter draw down period the water level in the pool is at its lowest point. At this stage there is the least amount of pressure inside your pool walls against the liner. As the ground water is increasing, water pressure outside of your pool is greater than inside the pool. When this happens the chance that water is able to go underneath your pool liner and cause floating or wrinkles is high.

Preventive Measures

If you have a sump pit and pump for your pool this is the time of year when you want to install it. March 15th is the magic date. As the night temperatures still often go to freezing though you will need to monitor the discharge hose to ensure that it doesn’t freeze. A sump pump that can’t operate can’t do the job it is intended to.

Filling your pool up with water is also a good proactive measure to take this time of year. If you put the garden hose underneath your pool cover and fill your pool up to operating level it will help equalize the pressure inside vs outside to reduce the chance of wrinkles in your pool.

If Wrinkle removal is something that you need more information about there is always a corrective measure.

Pass this on to everyone you know with a pool, it is an important tip.


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