Manitoba berries and summer poolside cocktails. ‘The Cranberry Mule’

Cranberries aren’t just for Turkeys

We all think turkey when anyone mentions cranberries but these tart little berries that seem to grow all over Manitoba are a wonderful thing to reward yourself with after a long hike harvesting some of these little jems. The Cranberry Mule is a real summer treat.

The right mix

On their own unless you have a different taste than me the cranberry is pretty tough to take. It isn’t like its cousins that like to be eaten on their own. The cranberry loves to be an accessory, as mentioned turkey is always the front runner but we found that using a Jamaican inspired refreshing cocktail this may be the thirst quencher you have been looking for.

Crushing the berries

A 1 pint container will yield you about 4 ounces of great cranberry juice, keep you berries whole until you are ready to make your drinks. The freshness will be apparent with the wonderful fragrance.juice

The Ingredients

1 oz of Cranberry Juice

1 oz of Simple Syrup

1.5 oz Vodka ( use a good Polish Vodka like Belvedere)

3 oz of Jamaican Ginger Beer

Cranberry garnish

simple syrup

The Method

  1. Add Cranberry juice, simple syrup & vodka to mixing glass
  2. Add ice and chill stir
  3. Strain into 3/4 ice filled Collins Glass
  4. Top fill with Ginger Beer
  5. add 2-4 Cranberries

vodka 1 srainer ginger beer

Last Drops

The more Ginger Beer you add to the drink the lighter it becomes. What works great poolside is topping up your cocktail with ice and Ginger Beer as the drink is going down.



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