Making the most of outdoor hot tubs

In 1979, Aqua-tech started selling Hot tubs. The idea started in California and made its way to Canada. We sold 6 spas the first year….two wooden barrel type tubs and four made of steel and vinyl. Then acrylic spas came along and we were jetting and assembling 150 a year in the 1980’s All of these spas went indoor….into the basement usually. I still remember the day when our supplier from BC told me one day the spas in Winnipeg will all go outdoors. At the time I’m thinking he just doesn’t get Winnipeg but I would be proven wrong in the years to come. Read more for some of the advantages of outdoor hot tubs.

The Experience

We still do some indoor hot tubs but 99% are outdoor. There are some real big advantages to having the spa outside. The most important is the experience of having fresh cool air while your body stays toasty warm in the 103F water. You look up at night and mother nature provides you a million dollar view….stars, the moon, cloud formations…ahhh… imagine it! There is no way to replicate this experience indoors. We have had a spa outside for more than 20 years now and I wouldn’t want to be without it.


Humidity and Odour

Another advantage to outdoors is the humidity and odour stay outside your home. Yes, you can have ventilation and fans indoor but outdoors eliminates the need.


Placement of Spa

In order to make the most of your outdoor spa I recommend to keep it as close to the back door as possible. We all want convenience and this makes for less snow shovelling plus a quick hop and skip to get into the spa on a frosty night.




There is some maintenance to every asset you own and the spa is no exception. Be prepared to check the spa every other day if you’re not using it. I’d also recommend you buy a quality spa from a qualified dealer so you’re not worried about break downs of your spa in the winter. Aqua-tech will give you an easy lesson on maintaining your spa so you can spend as little as 5 minutes per week to maintain your spa!


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