How to Lower the Sanitizer Level in Your Hot Tub

Sanitizer is easily the number one thing to take care of in your hot tub. When bromine/chlorine levels are in the recommended range, they kill bacteria very effectively. When bromine/chlorine levels are high, they can cause some issues such as itchy skin, red eyes, and even irritation of your respiratory system. So, what can you do to lower your sanitizer level when it is too high you ask? Well, hang tight and keep reading…

Take Your Top Off

We mean your hot tub cover. Bromine/chlorine are difficult and time consuming to chemically remove from the water so it is best to allow the ‘bank account’ you have built up to come down naturally. In order to speed up this process, you should take the cover off your hot tub. By taking the hot tub cover off, this allows the bromine/chlorine to evaporate the hot tub thus, lowering your sanitizer level.


Add More Water

Are you the impatient type? If taking the cover off the hot tub is not bringing down your sanitizer level fast enough, toss the garden hose in. Adding more water will dilute your current hot tub water to help bring your sanitizer level to the recommended range.


Hold Off On The Oxidizer

We sometimes also recommend to not add any more oxidizer or in other words, shock, to your spa water. Oxidizers help maximize bromine/chlorine consumption and also tend to have added sanitizer to help maintain bromine/chlorine in hot tub water – something we don’t need when levels are already too high.

If the Level is Still Safe, Invite Someone Smelly Over

Have a hot tub party! Invite that smelly hockey team over or your dr-uncle Jimmy and let the sanitizer eat that sweat off of them. Just make sure they bring their own towels!

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