Latest Features in Bathroom Remodels

When you are planning your bathroom renovation, take time to consider your wants and needs to help decipher which features you should include.  Heated floors, counter tops, and steam showers are just a few features too choose from.  Keep reading to learn about all of Aqua-Tech’s top quality products that will be sure to fit your lifestyle!

Nu Heat

One feature that is repeatedly included in Bathroom Remodels is heated floors.  The brand that Aqua-Tech uses is called Nu Heat.  Many people have heard of heated floors using a wire that is manually installed onto the floor.  Instead of using a wire Nu Heat uses a mat.  Because Nu Heat is manufactured as a mat, the tile is only minimally raised.  The mat can be ordered as a standard size or it can be custom ordered to fit around what is in the Bathroom (ie: toilet, vanity, floor vents etc.).  The Nu Heat mat can be installed in locations other than just the Bathroom floor.  Having a heated floor in your tiled shower is a huge benefit.  The heat decreases the time needed to dry the shower floor, thereby reducing chances of mold and mildew.  This product is also a great idea for entry ways, helping to dry up melting snow and rain from shoes.  To learn more about Nu Heat click here.

Heated Towel Rack

Another feature that is becoming more popular is the heated towel rack.  The racks come in a multitude of sizes and configurations with different finishes to match the décor.  Having a heated towel rack warms the towel or robe for use, and dries it after use.

Grab Bar

Grab bars are a feature that can be included in a Bathroom Renovation to assist with day to day tasks.  Grab bars initially come to mind with the discussion of mobility and when we think of grab bars, we usually imagine something very clinical.  A brand called Invisia has developed a line of grab bars that are cleverly hidden in plain sight.  A toilet paper holder, a shampoo shelf and corner shelf are some of the products that have the grab bar feature incorporated into its design.  Invisia also carries a selection of Brazilian Walnut seats.  Two sizes of fold down seats are available for the shower as well as a corner seat and a portable seat for a bathtub. Check out the Invisia collection!


Lighting could also be considered a feature.  We typically will install a light over the vanity, but adding a light to the tub or shower area is another option.  Some clients aren’t fond of the light over the vanity, but will instead opt for sconces on either side of a decorative mirror which is great for task lighting.

Counter tops

Many clients are looking for products that are easy to clean and maintain.  One of the best products with this in mind would be quartz counter tops. Aqua-Tech uses the brand Hanstone.  There are a number of colours and patterns available and they only require a damp cloth for cleaning.  Hanstone is also used for the thresholds of tile shower bases and the top of shower benches.  Click here for more Hanstone information.

Thermostatic Valves

If you find that there is constantly water running in your home, such as dishwasher running, laundry going, or toilets flushing and now you need a shower – you may appreciate the next feature available.  Thermostatic valves for in the shower or tub area.  Pressure balance valves are very common in houses now, with a temperature difference of +/- 3 degrees.  With thermostatic valves, the temperature difference is +/- 1 degree.  So, you have a variation of 6 vs a variation of 2.  More and more people are having the thermostatic installed for the comfort of knowing the water temperature is pretty consistent.


In the shower area, we are seeing an increase of the steam feature.  If you have enjoyed a steam at a spa or club, you can install one in your own shower so you can enjoy a steam at any time.  The brand Amerec states:
A daily steam bath is a remarkable way to indulge yourself.  It causes the perspiration that is the single healthiest thing you can do for your skin.  Stress and negativity quickly dissipate in the soft clouds of intense yet comforting heat.  A few minutes of steam daily, in the comfort of your own home, is an opportunity to improve your overall well-being in every way.

Read more about steam here.


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