Keep Cool With Your Hot Tub

Well Winnipeg, it looks like we’re going to have to put up with these hot temperatures for a little while, so we may as well get comfy with them. I imagine some people are going to complain that it is too hot, but at the same time, let’s remember our Canadian winters where it goes to -40 degrees sometimes, so I think a few days of +30 degrees are acceptable.

In these temperatures many people do not want to use their hot tubs for obvious reasons. While this is perfectly fine, I still like to remind people that they have to maintain their water in their hot tub even if it doesn’t get used much during the summer. Hot tub water will last longer if not used much, but it also has to keep moving and not be stagnant.

Or there is always another option, you can always make your hot tub a cool tub. I know, What is this nonsense? Turning a hot tub into a cool tub? Well some people actually turn off the heater in their hot tub during the summer and keep it cool during the summer so they can take still use their hot tub and it’s better suited for the heat. If you want the hot tub to cool down quicker you can take off the cover and let the jets run over night. That should quickly cool the temperature of the hot tub off so you can use it the next day.

If you want to keep the water cool all you have to do is to keep the cover on during hot summer days, or when you’re not using it. Because hot tubs are insulated they should keep the water temperature cool and resistant to the sun.

As for the chemicals, keep on doing them as you would normally. Hot water does break down chemicals faster so you may find that you need to use less chemicals when the water is cool.


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