How To Properly Drain and Refill your Hot Tub

Draining and refilling your hot tub on a regular basis (for most clients every 6-8 weeks) will save you time and chemical costs. Fresh water yields a more comfortable bathing experience! Enjoy!

The first step to drain and refill your spa.

Begin with a full hot tub. Add 1 bottle of Dazzle Drain Prep to clean the hot tub plumbing. Circulate spa for at least 12 hours.

The second step to drain and refill your spa.

Next, turn off the circuit breaker for the spa’s electrical line,. Then remove the hard thermal cover and drain out the spa. This can be done by hooking a garden hose to the spa’s bottom drain spout, or by actually pumping the water out with a submersible pump.

Next, remove your hot tub filter and chemically clean it following the package directions on Dazzle Filter Cleanse or SpaGuard Filter Brite.

Back to the hot tub, soak up all the remaining water from inside the spa with towels or a mop or suck it out with a shop vac. Make sure that you get all the water out, especially in the footwell. Clean the hot tub acrylic with Dazzle Cleanse or SpaGuard Spa and Tub Cleaner. Rinse well.

The third step to drain and refill your spa.

Using your garden hose, refill the hot tub THROUGH THE SUCTION FITTING (where your filter usually sits). This will help prevent air locks within the plumbing system.

While the spa is filling, put the hard cover back on the unit. Secure the cover to the spa so that wind will not flip it up. Use Dazzle Cover Cleanse or SpaGuard Cover Renew (following the package directions) to cleanse and protect your hot tub cover. Tech tip—while the spa is filling. Inspect the mechanical areas of your hot tub…on portable, cabinetized spas, often, vermin will try to nest inside spa cabinets over the winter. They can chew wires and cause expensive damage !
When your spa is half full, reinstall your cleaned or replacement filter
When the hot tub water level is filled to the usual operating level (for most client’s this is just at the pillow height), turn off your garden hose and remove it from the hot tub.
Turn on the circuit breaker to the spa.
Ensure your hot tub begins it’s ‘boot up’ process. The jets will start to run and your heater indicator light will be on.
Set your spa to the desired temperature and take a 1 litre water sample to Aqua-Tech for Fresh Fill Analysis—you are ready to go!

Remember – If you are worried or hesitant about doing any mechanical work on your spa by yourself, we strongly suggest that you contact Aqua-Tech Customer Care at 233-8822 ext 396

Note: All hot tubs are different. This is just a guideline. Please refer to your owner`s manual for further instructions


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