How To Plan the Best Pool Deck For Your Backyard!

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When comparing your pool decking options, it is important to consider the materials you want in your design.  To help you decide, let’s look at some of the most common pool decking options.

What is a Pool Deck?

In the simplest terms, the pool deck is the deck around the pool. Though you might think first of using wood for a deck, there are actually many options/materials used to create pool decks that are both stylish and safe.

The deck around the pool is a multifunctional space that serves to entertain and inspire calmness, but also contributes to pool safety and cleanliness. It should be a slip-resistant area with enough space between grass and gardens to reduce the amount of dirt and leaves that may find their way into a pool.

When planning your pool, check with your builder as well as local zoning requirements that may dictate any requirements your pool and its surrounding deck may need to meet in order to be compliant. It’s important to know what size of deck you will need, as well as any constraints around space from the edge of your pool to your home, so you can plan ahead and choose the right materials for your backyard.

Pool Decking Material Options

We specialize in Architectural (stamped) Concrete, but another option for your pool deck is pavers. Either one of these materials will hold up in the changing climate, and look amazing / can be customized with different colours to suit your vision!

Pool Decking Considerations by Yard Type

Before you break ground on your pool or deck, you’ll want to take the ground itself into consideration – namely, the type of soil or unique characteristics of your backyard.

Understanding the type of ground your pool and decking will sit on is critical to making sure the structure is stable, so leave it to chance! Consult with a professional pool builder first to head off any potential problems before your project begins. Your pool builder should have a working knowledge of the types of soil and terrain in your area and its mineral composition (including salts or decaying organic materials) that may impact your installation.

What is the Best Decking Around Pools?

The best decking choice is the one that best suits your space’s needs: size, location of the pool, surrounding greenery, zoning restrictions and more.

When to Consider Building a Pool Deck?

Before you start to narrow down your choices of pool decking and how it will work in harmony with your brand new pool, you’ll first want to consult with your builder to make some serious considerations. If you already have a deck, installing a new pool can be a great opportunity to give it a facelift to bring your backyard vision to life.

Swimming Pool Deck Considerations

When planning a pool deck, ask a few fundamental questions before wading into details: How much privacy do I want with my deck? What materials are easily accessible in my area? How much is slipping a concern? Do I often walk in my bare feet? There’s also a standard three feet of deck that should surround any pool, regardless.

Below, some other key considerations:

  • Zoning Requirements: Certainly, you’ll want to research local regulations and determine whether a pool is considered a permanent structure in your jurisdiction. You’ll also want to think about railings, gates, pool covers and safety locks to ensure your pool is compliant and safe.
  • Pool Cover: A pool cover can not only help keep debris out of the pool when not in-use, but also works as a safety barrier to prevent people from accidentally falling in. You’ll want to consider not just what kind of pool cover is best for you and how the design interacts with the pool. Your pool builder will be able to answer your questions and help you narrow down your choices to help make the best choice for you!
  • Liner: With tons of different patterns to choose from, there are virtually endless ways to customize the look and feel of your vinyl liner pool. A pool professional can help you choose your dream pool liner, and walk you through how to care for and maintain it to make it last!

Plan Your Dream Backyard with Aqua-Tech

Check out our website to see previous pools we have built, or come take a look around the showroom at the catalogue of past builds we have displayed! You can also talk to a designer about what kind of pool is best for you, and help you pick all the features (including decking) to make your backyard the outdoor space of your dreams!

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