How to measure a hot tub cover

Most outdoor hot tub covers last 3-5 years in our sometimes harsh Winnipeg climate. If it’s time to replace your hot tub cover, here are a few tips that will ensure a well-fitting cover.

Steps for measuring a hot tub cover

1) Measure your hot tub, not your old cover. Most covers warp/expand, usually at the fold; therefore measure the acrylic shell of the hot tub- outside edge to outside edge.
2) Use a carpenter’s square to measure rounded or radius corners.
3) Most hot tubs are rectangular with radius corners. If you have an octagon, jewel, or a model with cut corners, most manufacturers design these shapes with cut corners that are the same length. You should measure all sides as a failsafe.
4) If you have the make, model, and year of your hot tub email: with your info. Our manufacturer has specifications on most hot tub brands that we can send to you for verification.
5) If all this sounds confusing, please stop in at Aqua-Tech at 1065 Dugald Rd. A brief tutorial and ordering forms are always available!

Custom upgrades to consider

When considering your specific needs, there are some custom upgrades that can enhance heat retention and durability.
1) Taper– If your hot tub is indoors, free standing outdoors, or sheltered there is a panel thickness (taper) to meet your needs. Entry level is 3”at the middle tapering to 2” at the outside edges. Largest available is 6” tapering to 4”
2) Foam Density – Standard is 1.5 lb of pellets per cubic foot of panel . An upgrade to 2.0 lb foam density means a sturdier panel that has less air pockets that eventually become water-logged.
3) Foam Center Seal/Overlap skirt – these two options are great if you plan on running your hot tub through the winter. The foam seal fills and insulates the void between the two halves of the cover; and the skirt overlaps at the center seam to seal the edges and reduce heat loss.
4) Other upgrades are: thicker vapour barriers; reflective underside liner; triple stitched, webbing reinforced straps

Thank you for your time, now go enjoy your hot tub!


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