How to make the most of Sundance Spas hot tubs

Many people have the idea that owning a hot tub requires daily attention and is a on-going job to ensure proper maintenance and water balancing. This misconception has many people believe they will never own a hot tub because there is too much work required and is too difficult. These same people will never experience the benefits of a Sundance Spa and the relief you would get through Hydrotherapy.

Sundance Spa Hot Tubs are easy to care for.

Owning a hot tub today is a lot easier to maintain than it used to be due to some of the changes made in the quality of sanitizer and chemicals we use. First let’s look at the improvements made in the water sanitizers.
After years of external laboratory and in-field testing, Sundance Spas has perfected a water treatment system called CLEAR RAY that makes water care a breeze. Using UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens and reduce the amount of sanitizer you use, maintaining clean, fresh, clear water has never been easier. Clear Ray comes standard on all Sundance models and requires a simple annual bulb change. This technology is also used in other industries such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, bottling and beverage plant etc… This saves time on maintenance and also saves money because you will use less sanitizer in your spa. Again, new technology brings simplicity to owning and maintaining a Sundance Spa.

Sundance Spa Hot Tubs require very little maintenance.

Weekly maintenance is a simple as picking 1 day a week whereby you will need to spend no more than 10 minutes on your hot tub. Yes that’s right, 10 minutes each week versus spending time daily to maintain your water care.   Sundance Spas only require you to check water care once a week to ensure you have the proper water balance. This is important so you have all the right balances on your water and protect your spa’s equipment. Having the incorrect water balance will result in your Spa’s equipment corroding, discoloring the shell and not lasting the suggested lifespan of the particular component. This could also void your warranty by the manufacturer. Then there is also the possibility of the spa user experiencing itchy and blotchy skin due to improper balance of the water. Improperly balanced water can/will have an effect on the long term operation of your spa and also affect the user’s skin creating blotches, itchiness and overall discomfort.


Monthly Care for your Sundance Spa Hot Tub.

Monthly maintenance involves performing a deep cleans cleaning of the filter so that you get the cleanest water and also extend the life of the filter. Weekly you should remove the filter and rinse with your garden hose while monthly you perform the deep cleanse cleaning.
These points should clarify the notion that owning a Sundance Spa requires only 10 minutes a week to keep your water pristine and well balanced.


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