How to know if you need a hot tub heater replacement

Hot tub heaters

The hot tub heater is the most important component of your hot tub.  Combined with the circulation pump, the jet pumps and the jets the hot tub experience is created but without the heater it would just be another boring tub of water.  We don’t call them cold tubs (Brrrr) so the hot tub heater is essential in maximizing the enjoyment and therapeutic benefits your tub can provide.


Top reasons your heater would need replacing

Because most hot tub heaters are enclosed you have to look for indications for replacement rather then rely on visuals.  An indication your hot tub heater has expired would be if your GFCI receptacle will not stay on anymore.   When heaters expire they can create a dead short and cause your GFCI to trip.

Although the temperature of the spa not being able to keep up with your set temperature could be related to other things ie a bad temp sensor in some cases this could also mean your hot tub heater needs replacement.  When your hot tub temperature is dropping and your heat icon or indicator light is still on this would indicate a potential problem with your hot tub heater ie a burnt out heater or scaled element.  In this case it is a good practice to look at the wires leading to the heater element.  Check for burnt wires and or connections.

Proper maintenance and care of your heater

By far the most important aspect of proper maintenance is regular water tests.  Monthly water tests can head off potential breakdowns of your heater.  Check your sanitizer and PH levels weekly with your test strips on your own.  Regular drain and refills are a must for proper care and maintenance.  Every 3 months as rule of thumb for drain and refills is recommended.  With drain and refill regimes use a de-scaling and or pipe cleaning agent formulated for hot tub heaters and hot tub plumbing.

Crank up that heat tonight, drop the needle on those oh so right tunes, open up a bottle of your favorite and lean back on that hot tub cushion and gaze at the stars.


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