How to Install a Solar Cover

Time to change your solar cover?! We got you “COVERED” literally… 😀

Solar covers are a wonderful investment! They keep debris out of your pool and keep the heat in!

First things first, we must measure the solar cover.
Check out how to measure your solar cover HERE

Second things second, you will need a Solar Reel Attachment Kit.
Each kit may vary a little, however, they SHOULD include:
1. 26 inch straps
2. Clips to attach the solar blanket
3. Plastic fasteners to attach straps to the solar blanket
4. Screws for the straps to be attached

You will need some tools to complete this installation:
1. Measuring Tape
2. Scissors
3. Friend to help
4. Rubber Mallet
5. Marker
6. Screw driver
7. Knife
8. Protective glasses. ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR EYES!

Lets get started!

When you open your kit, look for the instructions in the box. Make sure that all the parts are there to complete your installation.

Lay your solar blanket out on a flat surface, where it will not get damaged in the way of scrapes or holes. Make sure the bubbles on the cover are facing down. This is an important detail or it will not keep your pool as warm.

Decide where you want to place your straps. Depending on the location of your reel you can attached the straps at the end or in the middle. Place your straps down with a even distance apart between them on the side you will attach them on.

Place your round clip behind your solar cover and puncture your solar cover with your knife or scissors to allow for the piece to come through to the other side.

Take each fastener and attach it to the clip.

Take the strap and put them trough the horizontal threads.

Use the clip and the self-taping screw to fasten the end of your strap to your solar tube.

Attaching your solar blanket to the reel is an important step to ensure that your blanket is well cared for.
Remember to find the right spot for your reel.

We will also change your solar cover for you! To book service, call (204) 233 – 8822



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