How To Ensure The Perfect Salt Water Pool Start Up

The salt water pool start up process is one that has a lot of misinformation surrounding it. A simple web search will yield many different ways to care for your saltwater pool. We have put together a three step system that is simple and incredibly effective. It is the only system that uses products designed specifically for the unique and special environment of your salt water pool – no re purposed fresh water product here – just gentle and efficient hard core chemistry that is as unique as your pool.

The goals of this saltwater pool start up process are:

  • Easy
  • Water that looks great and feels great
  • Pool water that is incredibly safe for people AND your equipment – this is more difficult than you might think.

Salt Water Pool Start Up – Step 1: Primer

The purpose of adding Pristiva Primer is PROTECTION! It guards again staining, scale formation and corrosion that are so common in saltwater pools. It gives incredible clarity to your water, prevents algae in a way that is not denatured by your salt cell and makes your pool feel incredibly soft and silky. You will add Primer at pool opening and once per month – just 1 kg per 80,000 litres into your skimmer with the pump and filter running.

Salt Water Pool Start Up – Step 2: Pristiva Premium Salt

It is imperative that you select the right kind of salt as all salt is NOT created equal. It is very time consuming and expensive to generate a pure salt that has no impurities (metals, sulfates, phosphates and other organics). The number one mistake salt pool owners make is selecting a salt that creates a chlorine demand and introduces all sorts of chemical side effects to the pool water. Add as much Pristiva Premium Salt as determined to reach the required salinity for your brand of salt unit. Most manufacturers suggest 3000-4000 ppm. Simply add it directly to the pool around the edges whenever your pool requires salt.

Salt Water Pool Start Up – Step 3: Pristiva Premium Shock

Are you using an outdated shock that was originally formulated for freshwater pools? STOP – there is no need! A proper saltwater pool process will include only products specific to your special pool. You should add it once at pool start up and once per month after your Primer application. You can also add it whenever your salt generator cannot keep up due to fantastic pool parties or one of those Manitoba heat waves we have enjoyed this year. Just 125 g per 10,000 litres of water will make your salt pool sparkly clear and even help to top up your stabilizer level.
Shock will be put in slowly into the skimmer, and this will establish your chlorine. You will want to have a total chlorine of 1.0 ppm for 48 hours for the salt water start up. The shock and the primer are put in together. One bottle of Pristiva Premium Shock per 20,000 gallons or 80,000 liters.
Even though we have a three step system for the perfect salt water pool start up, water balance is essential to keep your salt water pool well maintained and always clear.

Salt Water Pool Start Up – Water Balance

When steps one through three are completed for the salt water pool start up process you will want to bring in a water sample to test and adjust the water balance.

We test for the following:

  • TA +
  • Ph +
  • liters of acid enhance
  • liters of phos cleanse
  • liters of Ultra Cleanse
  • instant UV Block
  • salt needed

The desired salinity level is that recommended by the manufacturer of your electrolytic chlorine generator (ECG).
The Pristiva Salt Water system ensures you spend the least time and least money operating and maintaining your saltwater pool so you can always have fun and enjoy your pool!

For even more information on the Pristiva system, click here!


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