How to care for your soft-walled Non-Permanent Above-Ground Pool!

If you have a non-permanent seasonal pool, this is a MUST read! There are all kinds of pools out there and they require different kinds of maintenance. Water care for non permanent above ground pools is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Your weekly maintenance

Step. 1 SANITIZE. Test your pool every couple of days with test strips to keep your chlorine level between 1 – 3 ppm. Add 2 – 3 Smart Sticks into a floater and apply and adjust as necessary.

Step 2. OXIDIZE. Broadcast a 1/4 bag of Smart Shock across the whole pool surface. This will add sparkle to your water, reduce irritants, and improve chlorine effectiveness.

Step 3. PREVENT ALGAE. Use 5 caps of banish weekly to keep algae away.

Problem Solving

Step 1. Add 1/2 a bag of Burn Out directly to your pool water with the pump and filter in operation. Wait one hour and add 250 mL of Banish.

Step 2. Repeat step 1 every evening until the color turns from green to cloudy blue.

Step 1. At this point add 1 cup of Natural Clarifier. Keep your pump and filter in operation constantly until the pool is clear. Rinse the filter every day. Keep chlorine a level of chlorine of at least 3 ppm.

Step 2. Repeat step 1 every 72 hours until pool is clear.


-SWIM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! The more you circulate the pool the clearer it will be!
-Use Filter Brite to chemically clean your filter.
-Low pH? Add 1 cap of Balance Pak 200 once everyday until pH is in the ideal range (7.4 – 7.6)



SilkGuard Smart Sticks:
Smart Shock:

Green Pools:

Burn Out:

Cloudy Pools:

Natural Clarifer:


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