How to blend your hot tub into your backyard design

Installing a hot tub can be very easy but installing the hot tub so it doesn’t look like you went out and bought a box and plunked it down can take some thought. The hot tub should blend into the backyard and likely not be a focal point unless it has some architecture appeal around it.


With illustration from the images below you can get some tips for “hot tub blending”


pic a

Notice the hot tub is off to the side in the top left of the picture. It doesn’t interfere with traffic flow or views of the backyard. The spa is still very accessible to backyard guests and if you’re in the spa you can still converse with those at the outdoor kitchen or in the pool. The simple act of putting flowers at the corner of the spa softens the box-like look of a hot tub.


pic b

The retaining wall and granite counter hide the vertical wall of the spa to create a built in look. Notice they have still been able to maintain close proximity to the door for quick access….important for those winter soaking moments.


pic c

We are hesitant to show you this image because you need to know there is some significant expense to achieve this look properly. What you can’t see below the wooden deck around the spa is a full basement cavity for spa servicing and a drain system to keep water out of the cavity year round.


pic d

This backyard was completely installed by our team. The hot tub is around the corner as space was limited and we didn’t want to block any views. The homeowner had an existing concrete surface for the spa but it was sloped significantly away from the house. If you look closely you will see we installed a leveling compound to make the spa level.


pic e

There was not a lot of space to work with here but we installed a pergola over the spa which brings the whole look together.


pic f

Ok this is real blending ? …you don’t see this in Manitoba very often and as far as I know we are the only pool company in Canada that have made a vinyl pool with a spa! We have actually built three pools this way and 99% of the people seeing this image would think that is real tile!


pic g

If you have a slope in the yard you can achieve this look. I like the fact that the view from the house does not see the vertical wall of the spa but the spa equipment is still very accessible from the pool side.


pic i

This is an award winning backyard but I feel the hot tub could have blended better. They wanted easy access from the door for winter hot tub use but it would have been nice to introduce some of the retaining wall around the spa if we had more room.
Good luck with your project and please come in for some free advice from one of our backyard designers!


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