How Safety Covers For Pools Can Save You Money

Safety covers for pools save money for the pool owner in a variety of ways.  Safety, pool maintenance, and heat loss are the most common ways in which a safety cover for your pool can save you money.  We believe that a safety cover is a great investment for any pool owner, and you are about to find out why.

The term “safety cover” describes two different products when it comes to pools.  There is the auto safety cover which is used during the summer season. Secondly, there is the winter safety cover which is installed in the fall for when the pool is closed.

The Auto Safety Cover

Pictured below, (an Aqua-tech installation in Winnipeg) is the auto cover. It can be closed or opened with the turn of a key.  It’s primary purpose is safety but it can also save money on pool maintenance.  The heat loss when the pool cover is on is reduced by 95% resulting in significant savings in heating costs.  Also, the chemical maintenance is reduced because you have sealed off the airborne contaminants.  Homeowners with this cover typically reduce chlorine use by 75%.  Safety covers will save you heating and chemical maintenance costs.  The auto safety covers can be added to existing pools.  Expect your initial investment to be between $15,000 and $30,000.  Contact one of our representatives to discuss the possibility further and start saving money plus have immeasurable safety!  The auto covers are not applicable to use as winter covers with the ice conditions in Winnipeg.

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Winter Safety Covers

Pictured below, winter safety covers are the most durable and money saving product available today.  They are like a strong trampoline over top of your pool.  The fabric material is strong but also filters the winter snow to keep the dirt out.  Pool owners save money as they typically don’t have to add any water in the spring.  The melted winter snow will top up the pool!  The lifespan of these covers is the second place they save the pool owner money.  Compared to basic tarp or vinyl fitted covers, these covers last twice as long.  Added benefits to this winter cover include safety for people and pets.  The cover will hold the weight of a small car so there is no concern of accidental drowning when the pool is closed.


We all want to save money but concern for safety is our number one priority.  Now is a great time to invest in one of these safety cover styles to add safety to your backyard paradise, and save money!  Click here for more information on how to purchase one today.


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