How much do hot tubs cost?

How much do hot tubs cost? Great question, and often the first one asked! Real easy answer on this one folks. How much does a hot tub cost……lots……or possibly……a little. Like all the really big questions in life (Is there life after death? Is there intelligent life on other planets? Will the Jets make the playoffs?), there is never an easy answer. So yes, the answer is lots and a little, but the question should be, what exactly are you looking for, and more importantly, expecting to get in return, when you purchase your hot tub. Because like that other great axiom in life… get what you pay for. So there you have it, you ask what a hot tub will cost, and I’m telling you to rephrase the question. Apparently I am becoming a bit of ‘blogger bully’. Keep reading for some of the factors that come into play when determining the price of a hot tub.

At Aqua-Tech, we have been selling Sundance Spas for over 15 years. Sundance has been manufacturing hot tubs for over 35 years and they have been an industry leader from the very beginning. They realize that everyone does not want the same spa or the same spa experience, and so have developed a number of different series of tubs and some different options to allow you to personalize what works best for you. The things to keep in mind when purchasing a hot tub (other than the current state of your bank account) are…

How many people will be using the spa on a regular basis?

Tubs range in size and dimension and the price difference between and 2-4 person tub and a 6-7 person tub can easily be a few thousand dollars.

Do you want a stereo system?

Some folks like to spend their time just soaking it up with their soulmate, yakking with family and friends, and love to hear the robin go tweet, tweet, tweet. Others prefer more of a party atmosphere; rock ‘n boil, party ‘til you’re a prune, sort of thing. Again, a decent stereo system can add somewhere in the vicinity of $1,000.00 to the price of a spa.

Are you a full on ‘bells & whistles’ kind of buyer, or more of a bare bones type?

Whether you are a monk or a millionaire, Sundance has the tub for you. The top of the line 880 series features aromatherapy, cascading waterfalls, ergonomic headrests, micro-clean water filtration, full hydrotherapy jets and a top of the line warranty, to begin with. The least expensive 680 series has more conventional jets and filters, waterfalls and pillows and a less extensive warranty. And the 780 series offers a little bit of both. All their spas are, of course, built to the same exacting standards when it comes to the tri-bond acrylic surface, the full foam insulation, the sunstrong resin cabinetry, clear ray UV sanitizers, etc… but each of those steps up to a different series can again, add thousands of dollars.
Well, there you have it. Have I confused and frustrated you enough? Hopefully not, but regardless, I have gone on long enough, and maybe you have some idea what to think about before choosing your new Sundance Spa. Now you just have to pick up the phone or head down to the showroom to see what works for you. As my car salesman friend says, you won’t know until you take it out for a spin. We always have one of each series of tubs available for a wet test whenever you have some time. So what are you waiting for?!?



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