How Much Do Hot Tubs Cost?

There are three parts to a hot tub cost…..
The initial cost, the installation cost and the maintenance cost.


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The initial cost will range from $1,000 for a used spa to $20,000 for the most deluxe new hot tub.

Consider a used spa if you don’t mind some risk and have the ability to do your own repairs.

If you do buy used, it can be helpful to get a good brand like Sundance, Jacuzzi or Hotsprings so that parts are at least available.

For most of us that would rather be soaking in the hot tub than fixing it, I would recommend a new spa with a new warranty.


New spas start at $4,000 to $6,000 at the box stores and $6,000 to $8,000 at a professional spa dealership.

Why spend the extra $2,000?

You will need some water maintenance advice, service and parts over the life of the spa.

If you’re only thinking of owning the spa for a year or two then the box store spa might be a fit.

When the spa does need parts or service and if it’s unavailable you now own a boat anchor instead of a hot tub.

Professional brand hot tubs can last 10-20 years so when you calculate your capital cost over the life of the spa you’re much further ahead with the better brand.


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Installation costs include:

  • A solid surface like a concrete pad for the spa to sit on

  • Electrical hook up

  • Building and electrical permits

It may also include deck work to accommodate the new hot tub.

Budget $1,500 for the electrical & permits.

If you need a concrete pad then add another $2,500.


Maintenance costs include:

  • Water balancing and sanitation products

  • Electricity

Allow $50 per month for these two items.

Your other maintenance costs will be any service repairs over the life of the spa which can be 20 years if you purchased a good brand name spa.


Like all other assets you own, a spa has some costs but the relaxation and benefits outweigh the costs.

It can be your personal retreat to forget about stress for awhile and soak those tired muscles.

Come in today to see a huge selection of operating spas and witness the jets in action!




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