How long does a pool renovation take

6-12-18, what to these numbers have in common? As we keep track of all of our pool renovation projects for over the last 10 years we have found that completion dates generally fall on one of these number of days depending on the complexity of the project. Here are the basic elements that dictate the dates.

Liner change

In the case of a straight removal and replacement of a vinyl liner, 6 working days was the over all average for completions. This is a good number to know as we understand that losing the pool even for a week of the summer is never big on the kids hit list. One of the keys to hitting this timeline was the introduction of the job commencement form. This document which outlines all sections of the project is completed by the site foreman along with the customer onsite the day before the work is to commence. The simple step of jointly addressing all aspects of the work and sharing the timelines not only keep the work moving on schedule foster a transparent working relationship.

…and a little bit more

With a forensic approach during the commencement the site foreman is able to identify the possibility of potential additional remedial measures that the pool may require. At this point the pool owner will be able to quickly know if the project will move to the 12 day window. Potential additional measures can include: Pool floor restoration, underground plumbing work or replacement of the skimmer and return white goods.

Large pool renovations

18 days and beyond usually is in play when concrete decking removal and replacement is involved. With a pool renovation as we don’t bring in large excavation machinery and do all of the work by hand, the timeline does get a bump. The crew strives to not impact the area outside of the pool so that you don’t incur extra landscaping costs were they are not needed.

The Window

In the last 8 years our projected start date ( which we write on the top of every signed order ) has been met 98% of the time. Quite an accomplishment when you consider how reliant that this type of work is at the mercy of the weatherman. So, probably equally important to how long a pool renovation takes is will it get started on time? We understand how time is one of the few things that as a family you can’t make more of, that is really the reason we care so much for yours.




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