How Aqua-tech can design your perfect hot tub gazebo

Hot tub gazebos come in many variations and purposes.  Fully enclosed gazebos that come in prefab kits are common in heavy rain environments.  Seattle and Vancouver hot tub users often see a need for the fully enclosed style.
These units often have sliding panels for cross ventilation and acrylic sun roof panels.  Materials commonly used are cedar, pre-finished metal and acrylic windows.

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Aqua-tech has designed hot tub gazebos that are more suited to this prairie climate.

Our concern here is more wind/privacy and too much sun.  In the 1970’s we installed all our spas in the basement and very few outside.  Now it is the complete opposite.  Mother Nature’s stars, moon and fresh breeze just can’t be matched inside.  The hot water and the outdoor environment are what makes it absolutely special!

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Hot tub gazebos in Manitoba are often designed with lattice panels or pergola style structures.

These two elements are critical to the design.  They can take a standard looking spa environment to outstanding!  You have added some protection from the sun and wind without sacrificing the free mother nature gifts.

Some considerations when doing your design include:

• If the spa has a cover lifter make sure you have allowed enough space
• The maximum height fence in Winnipeg is 6’6”…if you’re lattice wall is on the property line ensure you are within code.
If the lattice wall is beyond 2’ from the property line then in most jurisdictions you’re within code.
• Include some hanging plants or vines for beauty and added privacy.

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