How an automatic pool cover will help you save money

In Winnipeg an automatic pool cover creates a number of scenarios of how it can not only compliment the look and operation of your families pool, but also dramatically reduce your operating costs. This post will elaborate on some of these cost savings benefits as well as some of the functional perks of an automatic pool cover.

Reduced evaporation with an automatic pool cover

Here is the great news! a load of this fact! In an average size pool ( 16 x 32 ) through normal weather patterns, this body of water will typically evaporate 1 inch of water per week. This translates into no less than 1744  litres of water per week. On average a swimming pool in Winnipeg is opened for 20 weeks out of the year. The simple math of this then represents that a minimum evaporation of 34,880 litres of water evaporate each summer. To put things in perspective that represents about 1/2 of the total pool volume. It doesn’t take a civil engineering degree to know that the cost of water and sewer rates in Winnipeg are going up and not down and that the cost of this water is expensive. Here is the great news…When you use an automatic pool cover you eliminate evaporation to almost zero. That is is huge water saving, not only for the cost of all the money you will save on water purchase but the good feeling of having a lighter environmental footprint.

pool evaporation

Fewer chemicals

Here is a secret, did you know that you need to put chemicals in pool water? Sure wise guy of course you are saying right? Well consider this, each time you put fresh water in a pool you have to treat that virgin water. So in the case of replacing evaporation water that means you need to treat additionally each year 34,880 litres of water just due to evaporation. I think we are all starting to get it now, if you have to replace less water it will cost you less on things like water and chemicals. Don’t forget though there is also heat, in Winnipeg most folks keep their pools around 86F the water coming out of the tap is usually around 45F, that is a 40 degree swing. In dollars that likely represents $500 per year in extra heat costs that can be gained if you have an automatic pool cover.

chemical loss

Cleaner pool

Then there just is the pleasure of having a super clean pool all of the time. With an automatic pool cover you just don’t experience the type of regular cleaning that any other pool owner would find on a daily basis. After all, we invest in these things for the enjoyment and not the work. We estimate that an automatic pool cover saves 50 hours per week of maintenance..I would rather be swimming than cleaning how about you?

Final word about costs

With over 35 years of experience in the swimming pool business and hundreds of automatic pool covers installed in Winnipeg say with confidence that $2000 per year is comfortably what you will save on operating costs if you install an automatic pool cover. Pretty stunning numbers once you really break it down. For more information on automatic pool covers in Winnipeg contact Aqua-Tech or stop in and see us today! PS, you can install an automatic pool cover after the fact in some cases.


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