Hot tubs bring family & friends together!

Everyone is so busy these days and if they are together it’s either the TV, a smart phone or iPad that’s holding their attention.

Recently I was on a vacation and most restaurants had a sign promoting “free wifi”. My wife and I would use this opportunity to catch up on local news or check emails etc. Then I saw a very quaint restaurant in a beautiful setting that had a sign that read ……. “No free wifi……Talk to each other!” It made me laugh and again be reminded about where our priorities should be.

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A hot tub can be that quaint setting where family, friends and couples can talk and be with each other.

Cell phones and smart devices are not a good mix with water so you’ll be forced to leave those inside. The industry used to offer TV’s but soon realized the TV components could not withstand the conditions and that’s not why people wanted the spa. Next thing you know you’ve found out what the important people in your life are doing and thinking about!


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