What To Ask Your Local Hot Tub Dealer Before Buying

When making a major purchase, we tend to ask ourselves if we are making the right choice.  At Aqua-Tech, our Sundance Spa sales experts believe when you are looking for a hot tub you should ask hot tub dealers as many questions as possible.  One of the major questions that should be asked is: will you refund 100% of my money in the first 60 days after I receive my hot tub if I am not happy with it for any reason?  Aqua-Tech’s answer is yes.  This guide will help inform you what other key questions you should ask your hot tub dealer before buying.

Why do you want to own a hot tub?

If you are like 90% of people who are purchasing a hot tub for health and relaxation needs, here are a few things that should be taken into consideration while shopping:

  • Don’t discount the importance of comfortable head support.  This will allow your neck muscles to fully relax.
  • The number of jets doesn’t equal comfort.
  • Ask hot tub dealers to seat you in a dry hot tub first to find a seating that you are comfortable. Once completed, ask to use the same hot tub in a wet test.

Follow along for a few more questions to ask hot tub dealers before buying.

 Hot tub ownership

Warranty plays a huge part in the purchase of a new hot tub and is often overlooked.   You want to be sure you are asking hot tub dealers if there is warranty, and what it all entails.  Here is a break-down of questions to be asked:

  • Is the hot tub protected against leaks in plumbing components?
  • Are there excluded parts from the warranty?
  • Is it a pro-rated warranty?
  • Are there deductibles?
  • When does the warranty start?

The hot tub experience

In our age of mass merchants and online purchases, people often forget about future service.  Like most major purchases, ongoing support for your new hot tub is crucial.  Hot tub dealers need to provide their customers with excellent support during and after their purchase.  Make sure your hot tub experience is as good as it can be by asking the following questions:

  • What is the relationship with the hot tub dealer and the factory?
  • Do they have direct service available or is it contracted out?
  • Will it be the hot tub dealer themselves looking after technical support and repairs or is it given to a 3rd party?

A hot tub dealers pledge

What is the hot tub dealers pledge to you as a customer?

  • Do they have a year round water lab for testing?
  • What is their expectation of service?
  • Do they aspire for same day service?
  • Will the hot tub dealer price in delivery, electrical, start up of the unit and give a full show operation of the hot tub onsite once it is installed?

Unlike pools, the beauty of hot tubs is that they can be used year round.  This unique dynamic of having a vessel of water operating in Winnipeg conditions layout a completely new set of service requirements for hot tub dealers.  The Aqua-Tech no nonsense 60 day no questions money back guarantee allows our guests to buy with confidence.  The 40 years of Aqua-Tech’s experience is the security in knowing that we are not afraid to stand infront and behind all of our customers.  We look forward to the opportunity to help with your selection process.  If you have not already tried our Hot tub selector feel free to give it a go now, stop in or contact us soon!


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