Hot Tub Cover Lifters: Choosing the right one for you

Your hot tub cover/heatshield is one of the items that can cause ruin a wonderful massage experience. Your body is sore and achy – the whole reason for an enjoyable soak. A hot tub cover can be large and hard to manage and remove your hot tub. Having the right tool to make removing and storing the cover while the spa is in use, can be the difference between a good soak and a great soak. Not to mention, putting the cover back on – when all relaxed and limber – don’t ruin it by struggling with an unwieldy hot tub cover…

This is the best lifter when clearance behind the spa is an issue. It simply requires 6” of clearance on the back and only 5” on either side. Not to mention, this cover has dual shocks to make lifting and closing a breeze.

cover mate 3

This is an ideal lifter for one person to easily handle the cover with its ergonomically designed shape. The powder coated aluminum tubing and non-corrosive mounting brackets mean years of outdoor use with no maintenance.

Added feature when purchase your Cover Mate 3 from your Aqua-Tech family, it comes standard with a towel mate accessory on the par, for hanging up to 3 towels right where they are needed most.

cover mate 3 towel holder 1

This is the ideal cover lifter is you want to enjoy the view behind the cover. It uses a dual shock system to store the cover in place on a ground level, so the views from within the spa are not obstructed by the cover.

the ultralift boomerang spa cover lifter

It is a North American made product with a limited lifetime warranty. Galvanized arms ensure the metal can take whatever mother nature throws at it. The dual shock arms handle 110 lbs. each – if your cover is getting older and heavy, this is the lifter for you.

the ultralift boomerang

The UltraLift Boomerang clearance requirements are 20 inches at the rear and 5 inches on each side. With the optional (not included) UltraLift Freemount Cover Lifter Attachment System, you can install the lifter without drilling into the hot tub structure and make your cover lifting experience self-supporting.

The decision on the best cover lifter for you depends very much on the placement of the hot tub, who will be using it and the environment in and around your home. Let us help you – feel free to send us some photos. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers – reach out at

hot tub cover lifer


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