Hey Manitoba, Hot Tub Care Just Got EASIER!

After observing Hot Tub owners across North America for many years struggle with the constant addition, measurement and guesswork of products to add to their hot tubs we set out to develop an effective spa care system that made hot tub ownership simple and easy.

We are delighted to inform you that after two years of careful planning, testing and refinement that we now have the answer!

Welcome to Soft Soak TRIO.

TRIO is the hot tub care system that combines the 6 benefits of providing you with incredibly soft, clear, luxurious water,  the removal of unwanted contaminants, scale and corrosion prevention and a cleaner spa surface all in one high performance kit with once a week application that lasts for 3 months.

With TRIO you get the great results you expect with the ease of use that you desire.


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