Fully utilize pool pumps and filters: a how-to guide

I was at a craft show once where a woman was selling home-made bread. When I got home and ate it, the taste was beyond words. This bread was so good in look, texture and taste that I had to go back the next week to get more and ask the baker what her secret was. Humbly when I asked the woman said it was what her grandmother told her about every recipe, ‘ if it says knead the dough for 8 minutes, do it for 8 minutes not 7 or 9″.  Optimization of parameters are at times not used and we tend to gravitate towards an average. If you work your pool pumps and filters into the “sweet spot” you will find that Pool ownership becomes easier and more cost effective. This guide will outline a few items to key into.


Pool pumps and filters have a job; circulate the water and remove the particle matter from the water. Unfortunately, when most people set up a system they don’t take into consideration that 1 size does not fit all. That is why over 90% of pool pumps and filters that are installed in Winnipeg can be changed to allow a more efficient and cost effective way of maintaining the pool water. Most systems are moving the water far too fast through the system. The interesting thing about having a pump that is too strong goes along these lines, a pump can only draw if there is enough water to draw. That means if the suction pipe in front of the pump is not large enough the pump can never run in an effective fashion. It’s almost like trying to drink a slurpee with a cocktail straw, it just doesn’t have the size to allow the flow.

Ideal performance parameters

The first thing to understand is that every swimming pool is different. With that, said pool pumps and filters need to be ideally set up with equipment that can be programmed for flow. A pump like a Pentair Intelliflo pump is an ideal selection that allows you to time your water flow to the filter rate required of your cartridge filter. Using this allows you to reduce the amount of water running through your filter. This ensures that it picks up the debris at the exact rate it has been engineered to. When you do this your pool will require less chemicals because you are allowing your filter to work more efficiently.




Service requirements for pool pumps and filters

* Clean Filters-consider having 1 set of filters for your spring and fall clean up and 1 set for normal operation. This will ensure less back pressure in your pool pumps and filters systems.

* Clean pump and skimmer baskets-obstructions effect water flow, this is something that needs to be done daily on your pool.

* 24 hour circulation-once you have a pump that operates for 90% less electrical costs you don’t have to worry about 24 hour pump duration.

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