Four Stylish Ways to De-Clutter Your Bathroom

Four Stylish Ways to De-Clutter Your Bathroom

I get it, there are a few people in the home and you’ve all got your own hair products, body washes, and toiletries. Where does it all go? Right now you might have it cluttering your counter, on the floor in the shower, each corner of your tub ledge is full. Time to organize! I’m going to share with you four stylish ways to de-clutter your bathroom, without having to throw anything away. These concepts will work no matter what size your bathroom is.

1) Add a wall cabinet over the toilet.
A wall cabinet with adjustable shelving can fit a ton of products. Best of all, everyone can have their own shelf.

wall cabinet


























2) Incorporate corner shelving and baskets in your tub or shower area.
Each family member can have a spot dedicated to their favorite soaps and shampoos.

corner shelf






















3) Invest in a vanity with drawers.
Older vanities have only doors, making it hard to reach the items in the back. A vanity with a bank or two of drawers gives you so much more useable space. Take the clutter off of the counter and slide it in your drawer.

vanity drawers



























4) Upgrade to a double towel bar.
Get 2x the hanging capacity without taking up more space in your bathroom. A double towel bar can be a great help to eliminate the pile of damp towels in the corner.

double towel bar


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