Five Backyard Swimming Pool Details You Didn’t Know!

At first glance it may seem all we do is dig a hole and put water in it.
Not true, there are probably 1,000 details that we take care of when we install your personal backyard paradise.
We’ve randomly chose five details to illustrate as an example only.

  • Many side yards today are too narrow to accommodate the pool equipment bylaws.

  • If you have only 4’ as a side yard then we will have to find a place in the backyard for your pool equipment.
    A common technique we use to disguise it and provide a sound barrier is to build a 4’ high fence that matches the backyard fence.

image e1541801576208


  • If you live on one of the man made lakes there will be setback rules and elevation rules.

  • Each lot has unique set back requirements so just because your neighbor’s pool is a certain set back it doesn’t mean yours is the same.
  • You also have to keep in mind the existing elevation drop to the lake cannot be altered significantly.
  • Choose a professional experienced pool builder to avoid any issues after the pool is installed.

image b e1541801619420


  • Soil conditions and trees  can affect your pool in terms of future movement.

  • Most pools have a concrete footing approximately 3-4’ below the ground.
  • This footing relies on the earth below it. If this earth is stable then the footing will be stable as well.
  • The footing can also be affected by large trees in the area that change the moisture content of the ground around the footing.
  • The only way to construct a pool to avoid the ground effect is to build the pool on piles with proper grade beams and void form below.

image c


  • Green grass adds to the softness of the backyard look.

  • However grass is more maintenance than ever with limited herbicides etc. so many folks are considering artificial turf instead.
  • The new artificial turf is more realistic as can be seen one of our recent installations.

image e e1541801699107


  • Retaining walls can create level areas in your backyard.

  • It’s important there is proper base below the wall and the compaction of the base is done with the correct size compactor.
  • If your contractor cuts corners here you won’t see the effect right away but you will eventually.
  • Notice from one of our recent installs how the new retaining walls have a much more contemporary look.

image d e1541801757172



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