FAQ on Automatic Pool Covers

FAQ on Automatic Pool Covers

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Q: How does an automatic pool cover work? A: An automatic pool cover is essentially a very strong fabric fastened on both ends to an aluminum pole. The sides of the automatic cover have ropes or cables sewn on and run in tracks on the side of the pool. When the fabric is rolled up off the pool it sits in a trough at the end of the pool. An electric motor pulls the cables or ropes through a pulley system. You simply activate the motor with a key switch to cover and uncover the pool.

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Q: Can I walk across the cover? A: Yes, it’s like walking on a water bed or trampoline. The water in the pool supports the cover so your foot sinks with each step but not into the water and it won’t hurt the cover. Having said that, we don’t recommend you make it a practice to walk on the cover as it does put some stress on the seams.

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Q: How much does an automatic pool cover cost?  A: The range of cost is typically between $20,000 and $30,000 complete with labour, electrical, hidden trough and lid installation. You can add an automatic cover to an existing pool but there are some limitations and possible extra costs. If your pool is curved, it can be more challenging to add an auto cover since the tracks have to be surface mounted and perfectly rectangular.

Q: What is the benefit to an automatic pool cover?  A: The main benefit is safety. It is impossible for a child to enter the pool when the automatic cover is on the pool. You can be in your house and rest assured if a child gets in your backyard they will not be able to enter the pool. The other benefits include a cleaner pool, less chemical use and lower heating costs.

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