Facts About In-Ground Pools In Winnipeg

Many people ask why in-ground pools in Winnipeg are so popular. Anyone that’s taken a flight over Winnipeg in the summer can’t help but notice the number of backyards with pools. There are some very good reasons for their popularity and some interesting facts about in-ground pools in Winnipeg.

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Why In-Ground Pools Are Popular In Winnipeg:

Winnipeg’s summer is the envy of the country (can’t say the same about our winter).

The sunshine hours, hot days and warm nights are ideal for backyard fun.

The average high in Winnipeg exceeds 20C from mid May to mid September.

Four solid months to enjoy your backyard investment!

I’m often asked “but is four months enough?”…….Try camping or going to the cottage or traveling for four months…it’s a great amount of time!

In-ground pools have become so much more than just a pool.

Aqua-tech has been able to give customers the complete backyard resort.

The more fun and interesting items you add to the backyard the more you will find yourself in the backyard.

People are adding hot tubs, fire tables, waterfalls, lighting, patios, outdoor kitchens and stunning landscaping.

Imagine your commute time to your paradise… minute!

We truly do “make better places to come home to”.

Over our 38 year existence customer’s have asked us to make this all happen under one roof.

Many people do not have the time to research and coordinate all the different aspects of the backyard.

We make it simple by having fully trained employees to look after the work from start to finish.

It all starts with a great design and with four designers on staff Aqua-tech leads the way again.

Our showroom and outdoor display area is the best place to start your journey.

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If you consider the cost of a cottage compared to a fully done backyard the facts bear out an in-ground pool is a great investment in Winnipeg.

Most families tell me the pool only makes sense since they have limited time to travel and their kids want to be with their friends.

Throw in the fact many kids are in sports or have part time jobs and the backyard resort is the way to go.

I invite you to visit our web site and see the amazing in-ground pools in Winnipeg that Aqua-tech has built.


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