Facts about aluminum patio furniture

Many of us have had the experience of purchasing a set of Patio furniture that looked like it was an upgrade from the lawn chairs that we remember from our grandparents backyard years ago only to wake up and see rust stains under the furniture on our decks after a rain. Low grade metals and budget based fabrication cause often these blemishes. This post will identify why aluminum patio furniture is most often a stellar decision for the backyard living space.

Choices in frames

The Outdoor aluminum patio furniture category has seen explosive growth in recent years.  Most notably, the influx of foreign manufacturers into the outdoor furniture sector has created overpopulation in the category.  Choices of manufacturers  has increased and the quality of merchandise has never been as inconsistent as today.   Some outdoor furniture frames are made from steel which is less expensive than aluminum.  The steel furniture looks like aluminum when painted but steel will rust – aluminum will not.  Some manufactures will add steel rods inside the aluminum frames to add weight to the product.  This is bad because condensation inside the aluminum extrusion will result in rust seeping out of the bottom of the furniture.  This will stain the surface on which the furniture is sitting.  Another reason low budget  manufacturers add steel in with the aluminum is to make the aluminum go farther and reduce manufacturing costs but maintain it as pure aluminum.


There is a lot of quality aluminum patio furniture in the market today.  But, there is more poor quality than good.  The smart consumer won’t be fooled by how appealing the furniture looks.  Some beautiful furniture can be deceiving and actually represent poor quality.  However, rest assured at Aqua-Tech our manufacturers not only make good looking furniture, but also superior quality.  At Aqua-Tech our  manufacturers are brands you can trust. Aqua-Tech is proud to partner with trusted brands who stand behind their products ensuring many years of worry-free ownership.


At Aqua-Tech, our Outdoor Living Patio Furniture is all aluminum framing whether it is from Winston or Domus Ventures.  Both our furniture lines feature aluminum frames  which  means it is made to last and withstand our fluctuating weather conditions.  Let’s continue to dig deeper into why you should choose a manufacturer such as Winston or Domus Ventures who features aluminum in their furniture.

aluminum patio furniture

Aluminum patio furniture is the best

Aluminum has advantages when it comes to making outdoor patio furniture.  One advantage is the weight.  Aluminum patio furniture can be far more lightweight than similar iron/steel patio furniture.   The weight factor comes in handy when moving the furniture around or putting away for storage over the colder months.  Another major factor is aluminum does not rust so it can sit outside in the elements it will not deteriorate and breakdown from moisture.  With the extreme temperatures here in the Prairies it makes sense to purchase aluminum framed furniture versus steel framed furniture which rusts and breaks down.   At Aqua-Tech, our Winston Furniture line ensures that the furniture is 100% aluminum by having their own Aluminum Foundry on their manufacturing facility site.  Having this facility on-site totally eliminates relying on outside sources for aluminum parts and components.  Winston customers can enjoy piece of mind knowing that they have our own casting foundry and are 100% responsible for the quality of the aluminum used in all cast furniture.  Winston only uses pure aluminum ingot and de-gas the aluminum which is a vital step most manufacturers omit.  This process removes gas from the molten aluminum which if not removed will create air bubbles in the hardened aluminum.  These trapped air bubbles weaken the aluminum and will result in broken arms, legs and other components.   The finale stage to quality aluminum is to protect the surface which is done by powder-coating.  This is far more durable than any other coating.  This is not only a good visual look but also adds colour and finish to your aluminum patio furniture so you and your entire family can enjoy all the benefits and support for many years to come.

Rust-resistant, lightweight, and easy to handle.  For more information on aluminum patio furniture contact Aqua-Tech or stop in and see us today!


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