Everything you need to know about swimming pool landscaping

Well designed and executed landscaping is critical to the overall look of your backyard. Aqua-tech has won multiple national awards for swimming pools over the past 30 years. I must admit, without great landscaping we would not have won many awards. 

This was one of the reasons we brought landscaping in house in 2013. We can now provide the full landscape design and installation and you deal with only one contractor. Not only does this make sense from a design point of view but also form a smooth installation point of view as well. Aqua-tech has our site foreman oversee the job from start to finish including pool, landscaping and fencing. The picture below was a recent National Award winner!


Elevations and grades in your backyard landscaping is one component that requires serious consideration. Factors such as retaining walls, water drainage, and aesthetic appeal are all effects of good elevation design. Too often one trade was not aware of the effect on the next trade when they chose elevations. Some examples of elevation are shown in the next three pictures. Building the retaining walls and landscaping is all done in house by our team.

Plant selection around pools can effect the look and maintenance of your new pool. With proper design we can have different plants bloom at different times through the 4 month pool season. Keeping certain trees and shrubs away from the pool will mean less maintenance for you. For example a row of Polar or Willow trees can be messy and effect the foundation of the pool. Keep in mind when selecting plants to choose zone 4 plants. Often those plants at the big box stores are not going to survive. We rely on a locally grown nursery, Aubin’s, whereby the plants are accustomed to our zone 4 conditions.

When designing your backyard resort keep in mind the space required for landscaping. Often you see a 2’ space allowance for planting and a very large pool in the backyard. In my opinion this is not design but rather going with the theory that “bigger is better”. A proper design allows for the pool, landscaping and patio furniture. Professionals at Aqua-tech can help you avoid a do over which is more expensive than doing it right in the first place.

How do you want your backyard to look at night? Most often this question is not addressed. Proper backyard lighting can give you a stunning backyard and add safety. The landscape lighting can have a positive effect even outside of the pool season so you can enjoy your backyard appearance year round.

These are not all the considerations but I hope this has helped to get your mind started.
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