Everything you need to know about indoor pools

Indoor pools offer a great family get together place or easy access to some great exercise!  Especially in Winnipeg when the weather on the other side of the window is -40C an indoor tropical paradise on your side of the window is a unique experience. We have built more indoor pools in Winnipeg than any other contractor so we have ideas which may help you.

Indoor pools look like outdoor pools but there are five main differences.

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Construction on an indoor pool in Winnipeg

Indoor pools are most often still constructed of steel and vinyl like outdoor pools.
A concrete pool is an option but a more expensive option…typically double the price.
Outdoor steel and vinyl pools have a concrete footing but not to the extent an indoor pool needs.
Outdoor pools are floating structures that move with ground movement.
An indoor pool must not shift so the footing and piles must be engineered and constructed properly.
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Ventilation of an indoor pool in Winnipeg

Without proper ventilation you will ruin your pool building structure.
The pool water is typically not covered in an indoor pool but the humidity is captured and sent back to the pool.
A common brand name of de-humidifier is a Dryotron.
Dryotron has a good record of performance and also heats the pool water.

Deck slope of an indoor pool in Winnipeg

Outdoor pools have the deck slope away from the pool so rain water does not flow into the pool.
On residential indoor pools the slope comes in to the pool so splash water flows back to the pool.

Cost of an indoor pool in Winnipeg

Indoor pools cost about 10% more than outdoor pools mostly because there is added labour costs.
The pool contractor must work closely with the building contractor as the pool or building can’t get too far ahead of each other.
This makes for more site trips and more labour costs.
Also the floor of the pool will require added work in the prep stage because of the footing specific to an indoor pool.
Budget for the entire project is often $75,000 to $100,000 for the pool plus the building.
Many people have under budgeted for the building thinking without walls the cost per square foot must be less.
In fact the costs are close to the same per square foot as you will have added windows likely plus the dryotron system.
If you use $250 per square foot and the pool is 16’ x 32’ then the building is likely a minimum of 24 x 50’ = $300,000.
Round the entire cost up and you’re very close to $500,000.
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Mechanical/washroom/change room of an indoor pool in Winnipeg

Allow 100 square feet for the mechanical room so you have room to work on the equipment plus some storage.
The washroom can be 40 sqft and the change room the same.

We hope this information helps in your planning and we would be happy to assist you in the process.

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