Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Pools in Winnipeg

Have you ever wondered what makes having an indoor pool different from an outdoor pool?  Indoor pools are free from the weather constraints of outdoor pools.  They allow for summer pool fun in every season!  However, the presence of a large body of water inside your home does come with its own set of care requirements that differ in some respects from an outdoor pool.  Keep reading to see a list of everything you need to know about having an indoor pool in Winnipeg.

Evaporation and humidity

Firstly, it is imperative to have your indoor pool properly built to ensure the necessary air flow and dehumidifying needs can be met.  The number one cause of water loss in any pool is evaporation.  The huge surface area of an indoor pool can give you a wonderfully moist environment but sometimes that can cause challenges like mold and fogging of windows in our Winnipeg climate.  Make sure you are working with a pool professional in the design and building of your indoor pool to meet necessary building codes and have a climate control plan.

Unique water chemistry of indoor pools in Winnipeg

Next, indoor pools have their own water chemistry needs.  Unlike an outdoor pool, indoor pools are not exposed to the elements and organic debris from plant life.  Because indoor pools do not experience direct sunlight, indoor pool owners do not need to use as much stabilizer (cyanuric acid) in their water.  Further the amount of contaminants entering the water in an indoor pool is not nearly as high as with outdoor pools.  This means that there are fewer sources of water balancing changing contaminants so less balancing and cleaning needs to be performed on indoor pools.  For these reasons indoor pools should have an easier time maintaining an excellent overall water balance. However, just because there are less contaminants entering the pool, this does not mean that indoor pool owners have nothing to do to care for and maintain their water!

Programmed approach for indoor pools in Winnipeg

Regular maintenance for an indoor pool is actually very similar to an outdoor pool.  In either case it is important to have 3 basic steps covered each week:

  1. Sanitize
  2. Shock
  3. Algaecide

Indoor pools still need to ensure that their pH, total alkalinity, calcium and chlorine levels are in proper balance.  It is just as important for indoor pools to regularly test and balance their water.  We recommend doing an at home test with test strips or a drop test kit at least once a week, and coming in once a month for a water test to ensure that everything is as it should be and to prevent any potential pool problems like green or cloudy water from occurring.

Product storage and pool chemical safety

Another important tip for indoor pool owners is chemical storage.  It is imperative that chemicals for indoor pools are stored in a cool and dry location that is well ventilated.  Never store pool products in the same place as paint or other petroleum products.  Make sure liquids are stored in a location separated from powders and solids so that if an accidental leak were to happen that they would not mix.  Another technical tip for indoor pools is to always follow the package directions and never premix a product before adding it to the pool unless the label or your pool care professional instructs you to.

Overall indoor pools are an awesome way to experience the fun of having a pool without the season-specific restraints of Winnipeg’s harsh climate!  That said, those who own indoor pools or who are thinking about building an indoor pool need to be aware of the specific care requirements for the pool to function its best!  For more information on upkeep and tips on indoor pools in Winnipeg, click here for design consultation to Explore your Pool Design Options.



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