Everything to love about endless pools

Pack up your swimsuit, towel, toiletries, and everything else you need to head to the community swimming pool. Drive half an hour to get there, find a parking spot, get changed, head to the pool (that is very heavily chlorinated) just to get your swimming exercise in for the day. OR… get into your swimsuit in your own home, head to the backyard, hit a button on your endless pool and you have an adjustable current to do your water aerobics workout.  Obviously the second option is more convenient and you would not need to schedule your day around an exercise class.  Whether or not you have room for a traditional size pool in your backyard, you can still have a current generating unit installed to have your water exercise or aerobics workout available to you right in your own backyard! Read more for everything to love about endless pools.


You do not need a lot of room.  If exercising is the main goal to having a pool installed, you can have a custom sized pool fitted to your backyard with a current generating jet installed to give you the feel of a never ending swimming pool.  Or, Endless Pool!  Aqua-tech can design an endless pool to fit almost any backyard, no matter the size.


Absolutely!!!!!  There are jets available that would allow you to have one end of the pool act as an endless pool.  You could install two of these jets and invite a workout partner along.  After all, it is always more fun when you have a partner to exercise with.  Whether it be swimming against the endless pool current (which is adjustable for individual swimming strengths) or a nice and easy water aerobics workout to get your body ready for the day ahead, an endless pool can increase your quality of life.


There are well documented benefits of exercising in water. Swimming explains itself; full body workout and is great for cardiovascular system.  Swimming against an endless pool jet in your own pool in your own backyard… well that just makes it feel so much more fun!  How about aquatic therapy?  There are many ailments that limit our ability to exercise, but in water, these ailments affect you much less.  Doing aerobics against an easy current of an endless pool could help you gain movement and strength.  Let Aqua-Tech walk you through the fun and exciting world of endless pools, call us today!

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