Everything You Need To Know About A Custom Pool!

Every backyard has unique requirements and every customer has a unique wish list. Aqua-tech customizes backyard pools to suit the situation and bring to life whatever you can dream!

Then and Now

As the consumer has evolved to want a custom pool, so has the factory to be able to meet these needs. In fact, custom costs not much more than an off the shelf pool! When I started in this industry 40 years ago, we had three shapes and one vinyl print to choose from and the factory would stock certain sizes. Now, every pool that is sold is manufactured for that particular customer and the factory has no ready made stock. You can customize the size of the pool, the shape of the pool and the options inside the pool.

Suntanning Ledge

A popular custom option is a suntanning ledge where the water is 6” deep and it’s perfect for a beach like setting. It also can be used by toddlers or as an adult cocktail lounge. Just imagine yourself on those hot lazy days of summer keeping cool in your own backyard!

beauriful urban oasis at this royalwood home by aqua-tech.
Beauriful urban oasis at this Royalwood home by Aqua-Tech.

Custom Shape

The shape of your custom pool can be almost whatever you dream up. With a computer to assist manufacturing, the vinyl can be cut to match a complicated design. The pool below has a unique shape plus it has a beach entry for some added fun!

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Features and Accessories

Custom options around the pool add to the uniqueness of the backyard. Negative edge or an infinity edge,waterfalls, caves, steam misters, slides and  laminar jets will create a backyard resort like no other!

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Stop by Aqua-tech’s outdoor display to see first hand some of these awesome features. Contact us today to speak to one of our award winning designers!


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