Easy ways to upgrade your yard to include a pool water feature


There are many ways you can enhance your swimming experience in your own back yard.  The addition of water features is one of the best and can actually increase the enjoyment you get from your swimming pool.  A water feature can be chosen for many reasons, Aqua-Tech has been installing water features for decades and we find that a  pool water feature is chosen for a couple of main reasons, sound therapy, aesthetics, and for the fun they add to the back yard swimming experience.  Adding these types of water features to an existing pool can enhance your swimming experience and create a whole new world of fun for you and your family.


The sound of music, through a pool water feature

Imagine sitting along the edge of a creek, eyes closed, birds chirping in the trees, and the soothing sound of the water running over the rocks in the creek.  That is such a relaxing sound.  Well, not many of us have a creek running through our back yard, so the next best thing is to add a water feature to your swimming pool that will recreate that relaxing running water sound.  Now you can imagine floating on your pool chair, eyes closed, drink in hand, with the soothing sound of tranquil cascading water in your own backyard with your new  pool water feature by Aqua-Tech.

pool water feature

What’s that, your neighbor asks?

A water feature can be added to your pool for the sound of running water, but it can also double as the new focal point, or center piece, of your backyard swimming pool.  It can be as simple as a small waterfall or as elaborate as a boulder cave with a grotto that would be the talk of the neighbourhood.  The aesthetics of a water feature can be for blending in with the surrounding landscape, or for creating a new source of enjoyment by becoming the center piece of the pool area. A pool water feature can easily be added to any existing swimming pool with some mortar and plumbing lines to move the water.  Contact Aqua-Tech swimming pools to find out more.

Water features can be fun!

It is the middle of the afternoon, you are relaxing pool side watching your kids and some of their friends playing in the pool, when you realize, look at how much fun they are having climbing up and jumping off the new water feature Aqua-Tech installed for you.  So much laughter, so much fun!  One of the best ideas you have ever had!  Don’t forget though, once the kids have had their fun, you get to relax to the sound of that bubbling creek we were talking about earlier.  Let Aqua-Tech take you there.

pool water feature


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