Easy Ways to Maintain Hot Tub Filters

Just like healthy nutrition and physical fitness there are not a lot of short cuts to getting the health and fitness we all want. Hot tubs require some maintenance, but if we come up with a good routine and strategy we can keep the time to a minimum and the costs modest. Today we will look at the hot tub filter and the top 3 considerations on how to keep a hot tub filter in the best condition.

Hot tub filter tip #1

  • Always maintain at least 1.5 ppm of sanitizer in your hot tub
  • Drain and refill your hot tub every 6-8 weeks
  • Stay on a regular maintenance program

Think of water chemistry as the fuel for your hot tubs engine; if we don’t give it the right fuel, then other items will compensate and need to take the brunt of the pain and suffering. The first line of defense is the hot tub filter. Every ounce of water goes through your hot tub filter up to 100 times per day; the strain on a filter can be excessive with water that is not sufficiently treated. A filter can last up to 10 times longer with well-maintained water. A program like Trio helps you keep great hot tub fitness!

Hot tub filter tip #2

  • Rinse your filter off weekly

If you are like me and have ever been gently scolded by the dentist or hygienist, you probably get that you need to brush and floss your teeth. Think of rinsing your filter like the teeth brushing stage. Rinsing your filter will get the loose debris off of the elements before that debris gets time to lock into the grids. You will find that rinsing the filter will take no more than 2-3 minutes per week.

Hot tub filter tip #3

  • Chemically clean your filter each 6-8 weeks

Each time you change your hot tub water is the best time to chemically clean your filter. Think of it like this, if you had a fry pan that you just cooked up some bacon in, what would happen if you tried to rinse the pan off with just water and then wipe it down? You got it, the pan would still be greasy! That is why we use detergent on the pan, to cut the grease so that it can fall off of the pan. A filter cleaner like Filter Brite is designed to break the grease down to allow the filter element to only filter efficiently but also to allow the filter to have the maximum life that is possible.

Tech tip: if you are ever unsure about whether a filter is clean or not, take a butter knife and gently scrape the element, there should be zero residual deposit that comes off


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