Easy Pool Water Care In 15 Minutes A Week

During the hot summer months, having a pool is undoubtedly a luxury and a great source of fun! Properly maintaining your pool may seem like an overwhelming task, but we like to make life easy.  Our programmed approach to pool water care is designed to do just that.  By following these steps you will become an expert in no time!  The result?  Cost savings, longer life out of your pool, and better yet, a safer place for family and friends to relax and take a dip.

A programmed approach is the best approach!

Weekly pool chemical maintenance is absolutely vital to keeping your pool looking clear and sparkling during summer. Following a programmed maintenance approach provides an easy, structured method to keep your pool clear and lengthen equipment longevity. The products which compose the maintenance programs are all specially formulated to work well together and ensure a significant difference in effectiveness as opposed to mixing different products. A summary of the three main program approaches which we have found to work the best are:

BioGuard Smart Pak – The 15 Minute Work Week Program

The BioGuard 15 Minute Work Week is a 3-step system that is applied weekly to freshwater pools and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to apply. Although this is not a new program, over the years  it has proven itself to be a very reliable and fail-safe system for keeping pools clear. This system, which works for any pool size, is ideal for pools with a consistent heavy usage and works best with pump circulation of 8 or more hours per day.

The first step is sanitizing with Silk Smart Sticks. These specially formulated chlorine sticks kill bacteria and algae. We recommend adding 2-3 sticks into your skimmer, or enough to maintain a chlorine level of 1-3 ppm. They are equipped with a unique SmartGuard technology which slows down their erosion rate when the pump is turned off. This means that the Silk Smart Sticks last 2 – 3 times longer than normal chlorine pucks!

The second step is to shock the pool with Smart Shock.  This is an oxidizer which destroys swimmer waste, clarifies and maintains brilliantly clear pool water.

The third step is to prevent algae growth with a weekly dose of the Banish algaecide.

Dazzle – Pure and Simple Maintenance program

The Pure and Simple freshwater system is a new healthier, easier way to care for your pool, delivering the feel and benefits that customers enjoy from salt pools without investing in salt water equipment. This system minimizes the use of chemicals since it is based on minerals. It is very easy to convert your pool to Pure and Simple!

At the beginning of the season, 1 box of Activator is to be added to the pool per 40,000 liters. Activator is an advanced mixture of natural minerals composed with a unique blend of borates which creates incredibly clear and comfortable water. The mineral blend also contains many natural enzymes which eat away at biofilms enhancing water cleaning, algaecide properties which inhibit the growth of algae in the water and scale inhibitors. Subsequently, all there is to do weekly is add one pouch of Cleanse oxidizer to the pool per 40,000 liters, as well as add Purify Sanitizing chlorine sticks to your skimmer.

Pristiva 3-Step Salt Water Maintenance Program

The Pristiva 3-Step System is one of the most advanced maintenance program for salt water pools available since it is incredibly simple and provides the means to create crystal clear and comfortable water. Pristiva also contains many properties which help protect pool equipment and finishes, delivering a peace of mind to its users. Instead of needing to treat your pool with chemicals weekly, the Pristiva system maintenance is in fact applied monthly. This means less time used treating the pool, less money used buying products, and fortunately, more time to enjoy swimming!

The system itself consists of three products, more specifically, the Pristiva Premium Salt, Pristiva Primer and Pristiva Shock. The first step to this system is to add the required Pristiva Premium Salt needed to maintain a proper salinity level, notably around 3,000-4,000 ppm. This is usually added in the spring at pool openings, or any time there is a significant amount of pool water lost. This salt is of the highest quality available and contains the least amount of impurities like iron, phosphates, sulfates, etc. Monthly, all customers need to do is add 1 container of Pristiva Primer to their skimmer, while simultaneously spreading Pristiva Shock evenly across the pool surface. The Primer protects the pool against stains, corrosion and scale formation; all while delivering effective water clarifying and comfort. The Pristiva Shock activates the Primer as well as tops up the stabilizer level.


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