Do you ever feel like your pool water is STICKY? Let’s talk about POOL GOO!

There are 4 kinds of pool goo: Vinyl Plasticisers, Organic Decomposition, Chlorine Goo, and Pool Scum.

Pool Goo happens for various reasons, and we are going to go over these reasons for each kind of POOL GOO!

Vinyl = Sticky Liner

Vinyl manufactures use various plasticisers in the creation of vinyl liners for your pool. These plasticisers are important to keep the vinyl from deteriorating in the pool. While the pool is not circulating over the winter these plasticisers will accumulate on the surface of the liner. It appears clear on the liner but as you touch it, you will feel the sticky surface. When you brush the vinyl you will notice a yellow to dark brown material accumulating on the brush. This is a natural occurrence and is not a reflection of your water quality or liner quality.

Symptoms: Sticky liner, clear appearance until brushed, dark appearance on brush, hands or feet.
Reason it happened: Plasticiser on the surface of the vinyl liner from reduced circulation over the winter months. Usually only occurs for one or two season openings with new vinyl liners.
Treatment: Normal circulation of normal balanced pool water. No brushing required

Organic Decomposition.

A combined mix of organic decomposition and ammonium from some algaecides. This matter can accumulate on top of the cover and seep through into your pool combined with your first application of certain algaecides, and form a dark brown to black goo ring around the pool, usually at the water line. This can be prevented by ensuring that any water on top of your pool cover doesn’t make it into your pool. This situation can also cause a chlorine demand or create stains later on.  Brush with BoiGuard Off the Wall or Dazzle Pool and Patio Cleanse which can help dissolve the oily substance allowing filtration to remove it.

Symptoms: Dark sticky ring around pool, sometimes extending below the waterline.
Reason it happened:
Organics in the water such as leaves, dirt, vegetable matter.
 Use Off The Wall or Pool and Patio Cleanse to remove it. You can help minimize the problem by preventing large introduction of organic matter in your pool. Regular pool maintenance is ok.

Chlorine Goo.

Carboxylates, which are which are potassium salts of fatty acids, come from sun tan lotions. These organics can build up in swimming pools and eventually enter the chlorinator. Normally the flow through chlorinator does not allow the accumulation of these organics in the chlorinator but in periods when the system is not in operation, the organics present in the chlorinator are exposed to high concentrations of chlorine and low pH. These factors act to oxidize these organics to yellow or beige, slightly sticky material.As water levels rise and fall in the chlorinator, this matieral is deposited on the walls of the chlorinator unit. The oxidized material  can also sink to the bottom clogging piping.

Symptoms: Light yellow to beige sticky materiel coating inside of the chlorinator.
Reason it happened:
Salts and other organic material from tanning lotions and cosmetics accumulate and are oxidized by high chlorine concentration. These will be very slow to accumulate unless bather load is high.
Prevention – enforce shower rules. Use a Skim Mor Sock to help catch oils before entering the chlorination system. Normal pool maintenance, and shock regularly.

Pool Scum.

Pool water is subject to contamination from air, trees, pollution, and even intentional vandalism. Many different environmental factors can contribute to the pool ring or pool  scum. Most of these problems can be solved by regular water balancing,  super chlorination and a Skim Mor Sock can also help.

Symptoms: Ring around the pool and skimmer basket.
Reasons it happened: Various contaminants, including pollution and bather load.
Treatment: Use BioGuard Off the Wall or Dazzle Pool and Patio Cleanse to remove the ring. Help prevent with enforcement of shower rules and normal pool maintenance. Shock your pool regularly and use enzymes such as Pool Complete, Assure, or Mineraluxe Stick to digest these contaminants before they become a problem.


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