Discover the latest outdoor kitchen ideas and trends

Outdoor kitchens are becoming common place as we want our backyard paradise to have it all. When you consider the indoor kitchen island is the hub of social life inside the house it only stands to reason the outdoor kitchen becomes the outdoor hub. Check out these outdoor kitchen ideas!


The outdoor kitchen shown above is the largest custom kitchen we have done to date. The trend is to have a large sitting or bar area to accommodate many guests. This follows the indoor trend and makes perfect sense. Customizing this outdoor kitchen meant a great design and install by the Aqua-tech team. The concrete top provides a natural look with less cost than granite. Notice there is even a Keg beer spout!

This next outdoor kitchen is built in Tuxedo and is designed to look as part of the contemporary house and backyard.


Mom or Dad can prepare a meal and still keep a watchful eye on the kids. It is so much more convenient than running into the house each time for a soda etc.

This St Vital family had us match the existing brick veneer on the house.


The granite top adds to the classy look. A very custom outdoor stove allows for cooking outdoors!

New to our showroom are a couple of items not shown anywhere else in Manitoba. Although they are not outdoor kitchens they compliment the outdoor living idea. The Marquee pub table has a fire pit in the center and will be a big hit at your next get together.


The Cove fire pit has drama written all over it. It’s meant to be a feature in your backyard more than a sit around fire pit.


The Grand Colonial is one of my favourites and our family often eats at this table. The Lazy Susan is perfect for groups of five to dine. Remove the Lazy Susan for use as a fire pit!


We welcome a visit to our showroom for a up close look at the latest trends in outdoor living!


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