Discover Pure and Simple from Backyard Brands

Backyard Brands is a Canadian company based in Markham Ontario. Dennis Gray, a forty-two year veteran of the pool and hot tub industry founded Backyard Brands in 2008 along with one of the most experienced product development teams in the global pool and hot tub care industry.

Dennis’s and the BYB Teams passions focus on developing healthier, more natural ways of caring for pools and hot tubs, and working exclusively with Professional Pool and Hot Tub companies because they believe they are best suited to provide exceptional service to pool and hot tub owners.

Pure and Simple was developed specifically to allow standard pools to convert to a mineral salts experience without the high cost of installing and maintaining an Electronic Chlorine Generator … an expensive necessity of salt water pools… that is…until the development of Pure and Simple.

The heart of the technology in Pure and Simple is the mineral salts fusion in Activator which fundamentally transforms the water chemistry in swimming pools and delivers not just a salt water pool experience to pool owners but also several specific additional benefits… unbelievably comfortable pool water… it’s like swimming in an eye wash it is so comfortable. Dazzling water clarity, less pH, and water balance adjustments, less risk of scaling, and incredible capacity to resist the growth of algae, avoiding the need for harsh synthetic algaecides. All this and in just five minutes a week… PURE & SIMPLE !


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