Discover new basement bathroom ideas

So, what is the difference between designing a basement bathroom vs. a main floor or second floor bathroom? NOTHING! Your basement bathroom deserves attention too. Keep reading to find out the latest trends of basement bathroom designs! 

Your basement bathroom deserves attention too

For some reason, a common thought among folks renovating the basement bathroom is that the small stuff, the old stuff, the not-so-nice-to-look-at stuff, gets relegated to the basement. Why?? For many of us, we have a finished Basement. There may even be a bedroom in the basement…So, why do you think we feel that inferior products must be used??

Enough is enough

That’s right… Enough! It’s time to change the way we think!! Let’s install the things that we like to look at, things that function the way we need them to, and things that we would use in the Main Bath.

So what’s new in Basement Bathroom Design….

Beautiful faucets, spacious cabinetry/vanity, delightful showers, warm tile floors, well thought out lighting and a powerful toilet!

There is a definite trend to enlarging the shower. The cost difference of installing a 36” neo-angle shower vs a 36” x 60” shower is minimal…The base and door cost is usually pretty similar, one difference is the extra tile, which really may not be that much more either, depending on the tile.

Cabinetry/Vanity can be custom built to provide you with exactly what you need for the Bathroom. If space is really tight, there are “Petite Vanities” by Kohler, or maybe a Pedestal Sink will work best…and add a Medicine Cabinet for day-to-day storage. Many clients will opt for a custom wall cabinet to be installed over the toilet.

More and more clients are installing decorative or hanging mirrors. It’s a nice option for a contemporary look, and they can be easily changed out.
Most Basement Bathrooms don’t have a window, so lighting is important. Adding a light to the Shower is a wonderful way to make the space feel larger.

Have you heard all of this before?? It’s the same information for your Basement Bathroom as your other Bathrooms. The Basement Bathroom can be just as beautiful as your Main Bathroom – Go for It! Start a Beautiful Basement Renovation Revolution!! …and start it at Aqua-Tech!!!


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