Devil is in the Detail

Devil is in the Detail

When people say that the devil in the detail, they mean that small things in plans and schemes that are often overlooked can cause serious problems later on.

I was reminded of the idiom “the Devil is in the Details” when some professional pictures were taken of a Renovation that Aqua-Tech did in 2013.

Ensuite Details

Not only did the Ensuite look like it had just been renovated, but it showcased the details that our installers pride themselves in providing.It’s these little details that take a lot of time to plan out, and make the biggest impact. And yet, so many would scoff at the planning, perhaps even think the whole idea is foolish. But it’s these details that elevate a Renovation from “oh, that’s nice…” to “Wow! This is spectacular!”
If we take a closer look at the picture of the Ensuite, you get a feeling of calm. It’s orderly and peaceful…why?  Because of the details.




The tile on the backsplash runs evenly along the vanity and reaches, uninhibited, under the windows and around the tub into the shower. A beautiful, horizontal line that guides your eye around the room.
The mirror has been installed at the same height as the windows, giving balance to the view.
Lighting has been well thought out and placed around the room in strategic locations.
Note the position of the slidebar for the handshower – evenly spaced between the valve trim and the ceiling.
The tile on the ceiling of the shower and along the wall is finished with Schluter to give the edge a smooth, polished look that is easy to clean. Tiling is smooth and level – no toe stubbers to be found here! Some details are hidden from view in the picture, but are very important. The air blower for the Acryline tub is located in the right side of the vanity. In-floor heating using the NuHeat mats for the Ensuite floor as well as the Shower floor. NuHeat is a wonderful feature for in the Shower…not only does it feel great, but it helps to dry the floor quickly and helps to control any mold and mildew issues.
All these details take time and consideration, and our installers are absolutely fantastic at executing a plan and making it look positively stunning.
I truly believe we have some of the best in the business and I am proud to work with these craftsmen.

This is what the homeowner of this Renovation had to say:
The Aqua-Tech team was outstanding from start to finish.  I have recommended them to friends who were just as pleased with the service, quality workmanship and professionalism.


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