Dazzle: It is important to ‘Chemically’ clean your Sand Filter!

Sand filters should be CHEMICALLY cleaned at least once per season and also after encountering bouts of algae.

Keep your sand filter clean and working efficiently with liquid Dazzle’s Rapid Action Filter Cleanse. An easy, “”Eco-friendly””, one-step filter cleaner that removes greases, oils, algae, and metals from your filter to maximize filter efficiency!

Below are the steps to clean your Sand Filter using Dazzle’s Rapid Action Filter Cleanse:

  1. Backwash filter for 3-5 minutes and rinse for 20-30 seconds
  2. Turn pump off and return dial valve to “filter” position
  3. Remove strainer lid on pump
  4. Pour 1 L of Rapid Action Filter Cleanse into the strainer basket and replace the lid
  5. Turn the pump on for 5-15 seconds (just enough time to get the Rapid Action Filter Cleanse into the filter)
  6. Shut off the pump and leave off for 8 hours
  7. Backwash thoroughly (minimum of 3 minutes)
  8. Resume normal operation.

Pro Tip: Clean your filter at least every six weeks during pool season! However if there is a lot of rain, pollen, wind or other organic materials entering your pool, you will have to clean your filters on an even more frequent basis.

Schedule Your Next Pool Filter Cleaning Today!
A properly maintained Sand filter is the key to a clean swimming pool. If you haven’t had your swimming pool Sand Filter cleaned since the beginning of summer (or longer!), then schedule your next pool filter cleaning today!


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